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In this series, Trashies come in Gray Waste Drums. Special Editions include Magnetic Trashies and sweaty Trashies.


  • 2 Pack Drum
  • 2 Pack Foil Bag
  • 5 Pack 
  • 12 Pack
  • Unknown Special Pack

The Grubz 

  • Trashy Toast
  • Grotwurst
  • Dingy Donut
  • Spittle
  • Barfmellow
  • Rash Fruit
  • Flamin' Grot

Hard Rubbish

  • Whacked Window
  • Party Hardly
  • Helpless Helmet
  • Mould Magnet
  • DimDim
  • Crud Canvas
  • Carnage Cart
  • Shock Block
  • Groan Booth
  • Soda Slop
  • Horrid Handbag
  • Sling-Snot
  • Gross-ery Bag

Trick Trash

These special Trashies have magnets under their feet! They can connect to boards and other magnetic accesseries! When placed on the Scrape-Park playset, you can make them perform gross tricks!

  • Hip Flop
  • Helpless Helmet
  • No-Board
  • Eck-Deck
  • Pee-MX

~more coming soon!

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