These are the Series 7 Wave 2 Trashies

The Grubz:

  • Snot Chocolate
  • Mucus Meat

​Hard Rubbish:

  • Manky Hanky
  • Pooey Plunger
  • Cheezy Comic
  • Hackneyed Heater


  • Bog Bookworm
  • Dirty Dragonfly


  • Sick Xylophone
  • Smello Cello

Spewy Sports:

  • Hurling Stone

Limited Edition:

  • Snotty Slot Machine
  • Spew-Lette Wheel


  • Pink Smelly Trash
  • Orange Growing Trash
  • Blue:Tampered Toolbox, Chiller, Splutterfly, Smello Cello, Toxin Glove

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