• These trashies belong to Orbitball,the creator of Series 11 and 12.*

The Grubz

  • Pan-wastes
  • Farty Fries
  • Pee Beans
  • Squishy Sushi
  • Pee-nut Butt-er

Hard Rubbish

  • Snotty Potty
  • Dumpy Dumpster
  • Broken Bike
  • Watch Out!
  • Gross Boat

Bin Monsters

  • Poop Goop
  • Skully
  • Grimy Ghost

Birthday Trash

  • Crummy Cake
  • Horrid Hat
  • Cacky Candle
  • Poopy Present

Limited Edition

  • Un-fun One(250)
  • Poo Two(500)
  • Pee Three(1,000)
  • Foul Four(5,000)
  • Filthy Five(10,000)


  • The Bin Monsters are a small group due to Moose running out of monsters.
  • This series is the smallest one featuring only 4 groups.

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