This is a list of the Series 11 trashies.This series special editions are gooey trashies.

The Grubz

  • mucky Meat
  • Mushy Mango
  • Smell-itin
  • Chocolate Fart
  • Barf Banana

Hard Rubbish

  • Pee Pillow
  • Cracked Cup
  • Compooter
  • Broken Block
  • Slobber Shovel
  • Whacked Wood
  • Diving Horror
  • Bogey Box


  • Slimy Spider
  • Stinker
  • Stepped-On Ant
  • Gooey DragonFly
  • Lady Ugly
  • Dead Mantis

Pee Plants

  • Garbage Grass
  • Pee Tree
  • Fart Fern
  • Fl-owwwww-er

Bin Critters

  • Licken Chicken
  • Gunky Monkey
  • Fart Fish
  • Funky Frog
  • Bird Turd

Bin Monsters

  • Terror-Dactel
  • Dead Zombie
  • Gutter Ghost

Limited Edition

  • Poopy Present(250)
  • Bad Bell(500)
  • Soggy Santa(1,000)
  • Bony Cane(5,000)
  • Sick Stocking(10,000)

All these trashies belong to Orbitball.Do NOT copy.

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