• Pee-shooter
    • Wrecked Repeater
    • Trash Threepeater
    • Sulky Split Pea
  • Unzealous Zomboni
  • Cheap Cherry Bomb
  • Poo-tato Mine
  • Chokey Chomper
  • Gloomy Gloom-Shroom
  • Toxic Fume-Shroom
  • Cacky Cattail
  • Torchered Torchwood
  • Icky Ice-shroom
  • Blown-away Blover
  • Unusual Umbrella Leaf
  • Kruddy Kernel-pult
  • wasted wall-nut
  • bashed ballon zombie
  • gooey gargantaur

Made by the creator of Series L

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